Event types-   Welcome Brides, sweet sixteens, Batmitvahs, Barmitvahs, Prom's, Senior semi's, trash the dress, High school reunions, and ALLother special events,

Congratulations on your engagement and we hope this page answers some of your questions! Our team of experts are here to make sure your day day is everything you dreamed it would be. We book ahead so please be sure to reserve your date quickly.

travel servies-   $75 per stylist for on location services. Out of state or more than 30 miles will he negotiated.
  Whether you are getting married in Newport, The log Cabin in
Springfield, the Cape or at the four seasons in Boston. We travel we
have done it. We love it! Weddings are our specialty. We always say
If we could just convince brides and other special events
to start having weddings etc.  on weekdays
we would be one happy crew.
Please visit our facebook / Instagram pages to see more before and afters of our happy Brides.
We LOVE out Job!

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About us- Our Salon consists of over 10 Stylists so we can
accomodate special events of any size, so no worries.
Multi cultural weddings
Palm Beach Modeling Agency
owner-licensed in Florida since 1990
owner-Licensed in Massachusetts in 1996
owner-Vocational Educator (focus in Cosmetology) 2003
Founder of Salon Bei Capello 2008
Salon-Featured in The Knot Magazine
Model Portfolios
Model Shoots
Celebrity Work
Airbrush Certified



Brides, Wedding party's, and special events
2018/2019 Prices
Make up                                                            
trial run  make up               $99 
Make up on Special Event Day        
  Brides Maids           $ 99  and up
  Bridal Perfection     $ 99  and up     
Junior brides maids 12 and under $55                

Reserve your day as soon as possible we book approximately a year in advance. So hurry to      make sure your day is held for you.
*  All trial runs scheduled on weekdays.   Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for our special events.
* Contracts and non refundable deposits required to hold the date. There is no guarantee until contract and 
     deposit is made to hold the day..
*  Trial runs should be scheduled the same month as the wedding and or special event due to skin color changes
   etc. Only one trial run per bride at the discounted price after that full special event price will be expected.
* Travel fee is $75.00 per stylist up to 30 miles. After 30 miles .50 cents per mile or lodging may be required.

What should I expect or bring to my trial appointment?
  Bring your headpiece, and earrings, A camera, and pictures of your dress.
Do your homework and print out or cut out pictures of hair and make up you like and even don't like! Hairdressers are typically visual and bringing all of this information we get a clear picture of your desired goal, and a sense of your personal style.

  We will take pictures for you (with your camera) front, profile and even back so you will have a preview of your actual wedding photos and what your guest will see as you walk down the isle. Your earrings complete the look, and sometimes I have brides who cannot decide which earrings, bring them all It is eye opening to look at a photograph of yourself complete with make up , hair, and different sets of earrings. Usually the choice is made easily when seen on camera.

  Lipstick and Waterproof Mascara, purchase these and bring them with you. You will need your lipstick for touch ups through out the day after eating and drinking etc.

  Why mascara? Mascara can actually carry alot of bacteria. The last thing you need for your wedding day is an eye infection or pink eye. Mascara should never be shared, so buy a tube of Mascara (waterproof of course) and bring it with you.

Your trial run Checklist:
  • Head piece
  • earrings
  • camera
  • pictures of my dress
  • pictures of hair and make up preferences
  • Lipstick
  • Waterproof Mascara

Special Events Make up Artists
Dawn Lavallee (owner)
Nicole LaFrance
Special Events Hair team
Amanda Brodeur

Sign InView Entries
trial run  hair                    $99
Hair on the Special Event Day  
  Brides Maids            $99 and up
  Bridal  Perfection     $99  and up
Jr. Brides maids         $75
                                     Inquiries and booking please call Dawn Lavallee at 774-287-6079
                                                                 Monday through Friday. 9-8pm.
                                                            Or email to Salonbeicapello@yahoo.com